Expert Witness Services to Review, Advise and Testify

Knowvention offers expert witnesses for product liability with expertise in consumer products, medical devices, commercial manufacturing and product testing. These experts are prepared to address issues surrounding defect and failures as well as monetary losses or industries.

Expert analysis can provide information on product labeling, hazardous products, warning and recalls or assist you in determining the causes of component or product failure. Forensic engineering techniques and reconstruction are utilized to determine root causes and measure processes against industry standards.

Utilizing advanced tools coupled with broad knowledge and experience, Knowvention's engineers and technical experts can provide simulations, animations and illustrations to share the story behind the technical jargon.

Knowvention Provides:

  • Expert Testimony
  • Product liability investigation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Root Cause Determination
  • Technical due diligence
  • Patent Infringement
  • Patent review and analysis
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