Driving Innovation through Proven Processes

Over the past 30 years, leading companies all over the world have discovered that the product development process is as important as the product itself.

Business sustainability and growth, whether you sell products or services, requires three key elements:


VALUE attracts customers, QUALITY earns respect, and INNOVATION differentiates you from the competition.

When organizations effectively integrate these three elements into their product, they will all but guarantee sustainability and growth.  There are several well known methodologies that drive VALUE and ensure QUALITY being used by virtually all organizations using twenty-first century best practices.

INNOVATION, however, is far more elusive and typically less structured.  Many times organizations rely on simple brainstorming and a select few "creative individuals" to bring forth innovation.  Edicts, and "Slogans" to "inspire innovation" are simply not enough to effectively compete.  Innovation, without a systematic approach, will only occur in fits and starts and never be something that reliably and repeatedly delivers consistent growth and profits.  Knowvention understands this and can offer techniques that set you on the path to sustainable innovation practices.

Learn best practices in the front end of Product Development including:

  • Techniques to understand current and future customer needs
  • Observational Methods and best practices
  • Interview methods and best practices
  • VOC/ QFD (Voice of Customer / Quality Function Deployment)
  • Kano Model
  • CAGE Model
  • TRIZ
  • And several more

Systematic Innovation Best Practices (Psychological and Technological approaches)

  • Problem Solving (8 methods)
  • Idea Generation (20 methods)

Webinars or Classroom training scheduled for your convenience

  • Executive awareness
  • Workshops
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Coaching

Contact us for more detail on these services.

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