Knowvention Helps Protect Your Innovation

Many Inventors start this process by going to a patent attorney, but they should begin with an Engineer. Before you spend filing fees and pay a lawyer for an incomplete idea, Knowvention offers services to ensure your idea is complete and ready for the patent office.

Knowvention practices engineering with Intellectual Property development ever in mind. We are adept at synthesizing prior art concerns up front in the process so that tricky patents don’t become a problem too late in the game.

Our in depth use of multiple methodologies for gaining insight into just how things work and our ability to gain control over critical parameters leads to breakthrough solutions that change the game for our customers.  Superior solutions are what create barriers to entry and make it all worth while.

Knowvention can help clients, big and small, answer some fundamental questions:

  • Why should you patent your idea, is there a market?
  • When should you apply for a patent?
  • What are you patenting?
  • Is your idea really new?
  • Will it work like you think it will?


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