A company called Volumental out of Stockholm Sweden is developing a browser-based app that will use a Depth Camera to help you grab 3D representations of real objects, in full color right at your desk.  Depth Cameras are cameras that have two lenses like those for Kinect. The process involves only the camera, your browser and an online printing service.  The app connects to the scanner to take the measurements and then make models through the online service.

Volumental toutes the technology on their KickStarter page as "the world's first that allows users to create usable, shareable 3D models of your living room sofa, grandfather, or a kitchen appliance all without leaving your browser window."  While these object might be "fun" to do there is a more serious purpose this technology may be put to, Reverse Engineering.  The ability to convert existing objects into a 3D scan and subsequently into a water-tight and closed, printable model would allow both the printing of the object for physical needs but may also allow for digital representations of the objects to be utilized for Virtual Prototyping via simulations.

The technology in development and still in need of funding but there is much promise for its future use.  More details on their KickStarter page here:


Introducing...The Shoogle!

Google's Adidas Talking Show

Google and Adidas have partnered for the development of Shoes that Talk.  Google turned them into an actual "walking-and-talking shoe."  I can see talking but, do they really walk for you?  How lazy are we getting?

Percifield says, "We developed a shoe that could talk and tell you things--that could pick up enough information about your exercise, whether you're walking, running, moving fast or slow."  If you aren't aware that your walking, running, moving "fast or slow", until your shoe points it out, then I think you may want to go lie down.

The team put a speaker on the tongue of the shoe to "give feedback and motivation as you move throughout your day."  Really?  We need motivating "wisdom" from a pair of sneakers?  And, it will point out your activity, or lack thereof, to your social network!  "It has your own social network feed so all of your friends can see how well you treat your shoes--and what your shoe says about you."  Great!  Now your shoes can call you out via Twitter or Facebook.  Why not add a webcam so live video feeds of, well your "feeds", can be shared as well?  "Oh, look at him now, pigging out on cheese doodles and red bull!"  Percifield says "We're doing real-time, right-in-your-face feedback."  Ain't technology wonderful?

And what does the future hold for the Shoogle?  Well, how about replacing your personality through "an inanimate object (having) a personality of its own?"  Personally, I think I'll hold out for the boxer shorts.  Maybe they could tell you something useful.  They will give hope to millions of women seeking a direct answer to the age old question..."does this outfit make me look fat?"

Link to Article:  Here

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