The importance of Continued Learning and Growth

Specialized = Limited?  Or is it depth?  It is key to have depth if one specializes and in the end we ALL are limited.  However, there is nothing stopping you from developing multiple areas of "specialization."  Multiply the dimensions of YOUR box through time and effort.  The result will be both depth and breadth.  In the "olden days" there used to be a well established apprentice program for many type of jobs.  One might know how to build a fire, heat a piece of metal, and swing a hammer, but knowing how to and having the skills to make that piece of metal into a fine sword takes more.  Today's society is focused on "speed" in all kinds of ways that limit the ability of people to grow properly.  The internet, technology like cell phones and computers, can cause distractions and overload that minimize the depth to which some have knowledge.  In the end these are all tools and what is most important is the person using those tools.  Like the apprentices of old knowledge must be gained over time and through training, learning from mentors and experts, and simply being apprentices. Remember to never stop learning!

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