OpenCFD Ltd. has announced it will be acquired by SGI corporation.  Select the Read more link to see their announcement and for links to information about OpenFOAM and GNU.

OpenCFD Ltd. acquired by SGI

Today we are excited to share great news about OpenCFD and our OpenFOAM product that we expect to benefit all of our customers and the entire OpenFOAM community: we have agreed to the acquisition of OpenCFD Ltd. by SGI. There are key aspects of the agreement that give us the confidence that this was the right move for our customers and for OpenFOAM, not the least of which is SGI's commitment to continue the development of OpenFOAM under the GNU General Public License to be released free and open source by the newly formed OpenFOAM Foundation.

The entire OpenCFD team has joined SGI as full-time employees. As part of SGI we will now have the opportunity to take OpenFOAM to the next level. We are looking forward to continue our successful relationship with everyone in the OpenFOAM community and make it easier for anyone and all companies to solve their CFD challenges with OpenFOAM.

For more details, please see the announcement.
For frequently asked questions, see FAQ.

OpenCFD Ltd.
15th August 2011


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