Bill Hassler, Principal Engineer, Stryker Corporation

“Kevin is a true genius and expert when it comes to doing Finite Element Analysis. He has always been very professional and punctual in his professional dealings with me. I have found his work to be accurate, complete, and highly detailed beyond my satisfaction. Kevin always goes beyond the call of duty in the projects he works on.”

Pat Weizman, Senior Design Engineer, Ethicon Endo-Surgery

“Kevin is an excellent engineer. His background in analytical methods is outstanding. He excels at problem solving, and is an excellent team member.”

Jon Brophy , Sr. Technology Manager, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

“I worked with Kevin as both an inventor and was able to observe his work as a staff engineer. Kevin constantly displayed attention to detail and unwavering superior quality of work, others constantly sought him out for his opinion. Kevin never let the science or facts become distorted in his reports. I would highly recommend Kevin to provide service to his clients as he continues his career.”

Bill Kraimer , Founder & Owner, Creative Ignition Industrial Design

“Kevin is a very creative, intelligent, knowledgable, engineer. He is a hard worker, and ethical. Kevin excels in areas of ambiguity in the product development process. His knowledge of engineering principals, processes, intellectual property, mechanisms, technology, and manufacturing is remarkable, Kevin gets things DONE! I recommend Kevin.”

Mike Cropper , Principal Design Engineer, Ethicon Endo-Surgery

“Kevin is creative and innovative while paying attention to detail during the execution of a project. Together, we created new innovative ways to apply FEA design tools to solve business critical problems through new, time and cost saving processes. Kevin's leadership skills and technical skills made it easy for my project team to partner with him to develop these new designs and processes.”

Jonathan Coe , COO at Prescient Surgical

“Kevin's experience designing medical devices is extensive, and his expertise has provided valuable insight on a number of projects. Kevin can provide expert analytical support, but more importantly, truly understands the context of the problems he tackles.”

John Denzler , Senior Territory Leader & Field Sales Trainer, Ethicon Endo-Surgery

“Kevin's has incredible analytical and problem solving skills. His ability to conduct advanced engineering analysis to determine the solutions to problems is unmatched!”

William Fox , Inventioneer, Ethicon Endo-Surgery - Johnson and Johnson

“Kevin is a very smart engineer who's organized, analytical and creative. Kevin sets high standards for his work ethic, and is inventor and co-inventor on several US and International medical device patents. He's extremely motivated by the intrinsic nature of interesting work. High energy! Very competent.”

Dale Schulze , Principal Patent Engineer, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.

“Kevin and I worked together on numerous, cardiovascular inventions several years ago when I was at Ethicon EndoSurgery. He is very innovative, enthusiastically confronts the really tough, technical challenges, communicates well, and has good interpersonal skills. I certainly enjoyed working with him too.”

Jane Sheetz , R&D Project Director, Ethicon Endo Surgery - Johnson and Johnson

“Kevin and I have worked on multiple projects together. Kevin is passionate and approaches his work in a diligent and thorough manner. I always appreciate Kevin's ability to identify the critical factors in a problem to be solved and to suggest workable solutions.”

Georgette Belair , Vice President, Product Development PMO at KaVo Kerr Group

“Kevin is the strongest expert in FEA I've ever come across. His knowledge and drive to understand the true dependencies, interactions, and reactions was paramount to successful product development. -In the most critical areas of tissue reaction, we could not have done it without him. From a team perspective, it is also important to note that Kevin first seeks to understand what is needed, and in doing so always drove results most efficiently”

Xiao-Yan Gong , President & CEO, Medical Implant Mechanics

“Kevin is an extremely knowlegible, hands-on and experienced engineer. He is highly motivated and discplined. Kevin's contribution to Johnson & Johnson computing community was well recongnized throughout the whole company. With his experience and knowledge, many difficult tasks were completed before general peers get their hands on them. Therefore I highly recommend him.”

Dave Stefanchik , Lead Design Engineer, Enable Injections

“Kevin Harper is very analytical and thorough. He pursues knowledge with a creative edge, which in my experience is rare in many engineers I’ve encountered in 25 years in engineering. Kevin has invented very unique and very practical product concepts through an understanding of the customers’ true needs.”

Nabeel Jadeed , Staff Quality Engineer, Ethicon Endo-Surgery - Johnson & Johnson

“I enlisted Kevin on several occasions for FEA. In addition to his strong analytic skills, what sets Kevin apart in my mind is his ability to go beyond just reporting the numbers and to provide insightful interpretations of the data and suggestions for making designs more robust. I was also able to leverage his skills on brainstorming sessions for new designs and I found him to be very creative and energetic. He is a great asset to any design and/or troubleshooting team.”

Carissima Joseph, Owner, C. Joseph Company

“If you are looking for a disciplined, ethical, and creative engineer, Kevin is that person. Not only is Kevin technically sound, he is detailed-oriented. His expertise in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is AMAZING. I enjoyed working with Kevin and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again. Kevin would be a great asset to any company or team.”

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