Why Knowvention?

At Knowvention we build lasting relationships with our clients through proven success.  The drive to reduce time to market and selectively increase the speed of innovation and product development cycles is high risk and can lead to defects in products.  Knowvention understands the importance of getting to market not just fast but accurately, with minimum risk, and without flaws. Defects detected by end users of your products cause damage to your brand.  Knowvention helps customers avoid defects early in the innovation and product development process. Knowvention helps take the Risk out of the Innovation, every step of the way.

Customer Benefits

  • Better Products
  • Lower Risk
  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Eliminate Errors
  • Saving You Money


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Helping companies Innovate

Knowvention has a simple definition of Innovation.

"Ask the Right Questions, that Nobody Else Is, then find the Best Answers." TM

The Right Tools...The Right Hands...The Right Answers!

Ideas are easy.  Answers are difficult!  You need ways to lead the market, to deliver new and improved products to your customers.  We understand value-driven product design and have a passion for helping companies develop products quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Knowvention specializes in solving unique and difficult product challenges.  Adept at working on the “Fuzzy Front End” of innovation we demonstrate our ability to integrate knowledge across a wide array of stakeholder needs.  We get you what you need not just what you ask for.

At Knowvention we don't "Think Out of the Box" we “Build a Bigger Box!" That "Bigger Box" is an expansion of the knowledge and capabilities necessary to drive decisions.  Knowvention also applies expertise in a wide array of tools along with broad product experience to any idea or problem.  This makes us fast and flexible and produces greater insight into the solution space for the answers to your difficult questions.  These insights lead to knowledge that can be leveraged over time, from idea to sales, building brands that matter.

Knowvention's ability to develop and utilize knowledge helps us solve your toughest challenges, keeping you on the leading edge of innovation.

For Fortune 500 Companies and individual inventors alike we can help take YOUR ideas from Paper to Product!


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