Digital Tools Power Knowledge Creation

Knowvention is highly skilled at developing Virtual or Digital Prototyping tools to drive innovation. Like they say, Knowledge is Power.  Well, that really is only partially true, we like to say Knowledge used properly is Power.  Knowledge unused ceases to be powerful.

Knowvention helps customers develop knowledge by applying a wide range of computer tools and analytical techniques to technical challenges from products to processes including: Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Discrete Element Modeling (DEM), Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Dynamics, and others.

While our Virtual Product Development process relies on computer models and analytical techniques it is the interpretation and mining of results that provide the information necessary to make decisions.  Through experience across multiple industries and disciplines while working in cross functional teams, Knowvention provides both breadth and depth in understanding customers challenges from multiple perspectives.

Throughout our Virtual Product Development Process we seek to help customers manage multiple constraints, from marketing to production, to arrive at the optimum solution for all project stakeholders.  With these techniques companies will save time, money, and manpower while reaching superior quality solutions.

Please watch Knowvention's Virtual Product Development Process introduction video.  It outlines the process we use to help find answers to complex and difficult problems often faced during product development projects.

The video has a 7 min run time and we appreciate your patience as the file loads

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